4 Female Hair Problems And Solutions

Having beautiful hair is certainly a woman’s dream. Especially for women who still adhere to that “Hair is the crown of women.”

However, what if in fact, having beautiful hair also needs a struggle? Beautiful hair is not obtained simply because your father or mother has it, right?

Therefore, some of these women will represent women’s hair problems that you may be experiencing right now.

Broken And Branched

“Because I have been permed, my hair is now branched and cracked,” said Aisha, a Senior Account Executive at a media company .

Hair damage experienced by Aisha began because of the use of harsh chemicals when modifying the shape of the hair. These chemicals will damage the hair. This hair damage can take many forms. At Aisha, breaking and branching are examples.

Lauren Conrad launches, there are many ways you can do to reduce and even remove branched and cracked hair, for example:

Keep It Moist

Always use a conditioner after shampooing. Damages like this can also be addressed by wearing a hair mask once a week.

Cut The Ends Of The Hair

Trimming the tips of ordinary hair is also called trim . Do this process in the salon to get maximum results. Cutting hair with scissors that are less sharp will make hair damage worse.

Great Loss After Giving Birth

“After giving birth and breastfeeding suddenly my hair falls out badly,” said Firni, an Account Executive .

Reported by Baby Center , hormonal changes during pregnancy and after childbirth can indeed make hair loss. If normal hair loss amounts to 100-125 in a day, after giving birth you can lose 500 hairs per day.

Don’t worry, hair loss like this can still be overcome by:

Remove Hair Ties

Binding your hair will make your weak condition more easily removed from the roots. Let the hair loose to make it rest.

Use A Rare Toothed Comb

Avoid thick or toothed brush-shaped combs. Instead, use a comb with rare and large teeth so that the hair does not easily get caught and fall out.

Let Hair Dry Naturally

If you usually always use a hair dryer, this time set aside a little time to make hair dry naturally.

Stubborn Dandruff

“Even though there was only one day of shampooing, dandruff had already soiled my clothes,” said Niyanni, a Social Media Strategist.

This can happen when you have a type of hair that tends to be oily. Dirt that sticks to the scalp will become dandruff which is stubborn even if only one day has passed without shampooing.

Follow this tip so that dandruff does not reappear:

Change Shampoo

Do this if dandruff reappears when you use an anti-dandruff shampoo. Everyday Roots launch, your scalp may be familiar with the shampoo you use until the properties are no longer visible.

You can replace it with other anti-dandruff shampoo. Do this 3 months for maximum results.

Avoid Hairdresser Products

Gel, hair spray or wax can leave the rest of the product on the hair and scalp. This of course can cause dandruff.

If your hair is easily dandruff, avoid using hairdresser products, or directly wash your hair after using it.

Expands And Is Unruly

“Not only does it expand and be difficult to manage, because of the vise, paint and dryer now my hair is also dull,” said Afrillia, an editor .

Reported by the Huffington Post , basically turning hair into something that is not like the original will definitely make it damaged. Especially if not done by experts.

To restore the health of your hair, do this:

Use A Natural Hair Mask

The aim is to restore the natural moisture of the hair that is lost due to the arrangement process. You can use natural ingredients such as bananas, avocados and coconut oil . Moist hair will be easier to manage.

Use Vitamins

Stop using hairdressing tools and materials for a while. Instead, always use vitamin or serum serum after shampooing so that your hair returns to health.

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