8 Effective Breast Enhancement Exercises

Breast – one of the most vulnerable parts of the female body. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, hormonal diseases, too hard and unbalanced diets can lead to sagging breasts. Because of this, she is no longer as seductive as before. However, all is not lost. It is enough to perform effective exercises to strengthen the breasts regularly, and your bust will become taller and more elastic, again attracting admiring male views.

Preparing For Breast Enhancement Exercises

For training at home, prepare in advance the necessary props:

  • Gymnastic Mat Or Blanket;
  • Comfortable Clothes;
  • Dumbbells Weighing From 0.5 To 3 Kg;
  • Expander.

When performing exercises for the chest, instead of dumbbells, you can use plastic bottles filled with water, and instead of an expander – an elastic bandage.

Before starting to perform exercises that promote breast lift and elasticity, as well as allow you to increase the bust without surgery, you will need a little warm-up. With it, you can warm up your muscles. To warm up it is enough:

  • Make 15 Rotations With Shoulders (First Forward, Then Back);
  • Perform The “Mill” Exercise With The Hands Spread To The Side 15 Times.

A Set Of Exercises To Strengthen The Female Breast

Exercise 1: Dilution In The Hand With Dumbbells.

This exercise helps to strengthen the muscles of the shoulder girdle, arms and chest. First you need to lie on your back and pick up a dumbbell. Bend your elbows slightly and move them forward in front of your chest. Then inhale and gently spread your arms to the side, while your elbows touched the floor surface. Exhale, raise your hands, returning to I.P. Repeat this exercise in the same slow pace from 10 to 20 times.

A set of exercises for the chest, consisting of 8 exercises, must be performed 3 times a week.

Exercise 2: Alternate Dilution With Dumbbells.

This exercise helps to strengthen the same muscles as the first. To perform it, lay down on your back, and then stretch your right arm with a dumbbell along the thigh, and stretch your left arm up in front of the chest. After that, you should change the location of the hands. At the same time hands do not need to bend in elbows. Run 15 to 20 times.

Exercise 3: Pushups.

They are great help to strengthen the muscles of the chest, back, shoulders, abdomen, buttocks and thighs, promote weight loss in the knees. Kneeling, spread your arms wide, and your legs gradually back. Hands do not need to set too wide. The wrists should be located directly below the shoulder joints. After that bend your elbows, spreading them apart.

When doing push-ups, you should go as low as possible. Also, make sure that your head does not fall, and your back is not arched. The whole body should be pulled in one line. Perform 10 to 20 repetitions.

If it is difficult for you to perform this exercise from a prone position, you can do push-ups in a kneeling position or standing upright, while resting your hands on a wall or a closet. In this case, you will need to touch the vertical surface with your chest and chin and bend backwards.

Exercise 4: Raising Hands With The Use Of An Expander.

Stand, put your feet shoulder-width apart, hold the expander in front of you. Standing on the socks, slowly spread your hands to the sides, while simultaneously stretching the projectile. Run 8 to 12 times.

Exercise 5: Lifting In The Side Bar Pose.

This exercise helps to strengthen the muscles of the upper and middle sections of the back, as well as the upper chest and shoulders. Kneeling, lean on your right hand, and take a dumbbell in your left. Bend your right leg at the knee and straighten your left leg and pull it back.

Keep your abdominal muscles in some tension. Raise the hips so that a straight line forms from the head to the left foot. The hand should be raised to the side up as slowly as possible and also gently lower it. At the same time, the hand should be turned with the palm towards itself. Perform this exercise 6 to 8 times in each direction.

Exercise 6: Cat Pose.

This exercise helps to strengthen the muscles of the chest, it also has a positive effect on the spine. Kneeling, rest your palms on the floor, and fingers pointing forward. Slowly bending in the spine, lower the pelvis and hips on the floor, and keep your legs straight. Shoulders back and down, with the crown pull up. Try to stay in this position for one minute, then return to the original position. Before repeating this exercise, you need a rest for 15 to 20 seconds. Perform 3 more repetitions.

Exercise 7: Palm Press.

This exercise helps to strengthen the muscles and chest, and hands. When you get up, join your palms in front of your chest and point them up. Press your palms together for 6 seconds with enough effort, then relax and repeat for 4 seconds. Perform 10 to 15 repetitions. To enhance the effect, you can squeeze a small tight ball or expander between your palms. After doing the exercise, it is advisable to make 4 swings with your hands back and forth.

Exercise 8: Stretching The Arms And Legs.

First you need to lie on your back, straighten your legs, and stretch your arms behind your head. For 30 seconds, forcefully stretch the limbs along the surface of the floor, as if they were being pulled by invisible threads. Then, without lifting your head and back from the floor, bend your knees in your knees, put your hands over your knees, and then press them to your chest. Try to lie in this position for about 20 seconds. Do 5 to 6 repetitions of this exercise.

After Performing A Set Of Exercises For The Chest

After performing a set of exercises for the chest, rest for about 10 minutes. To do this, just lie down in a relaxed state on your back, taking even and deep breaths. At this time, you can mentally imagine how your chest after workout becomes more attractive and elastic.

If you want to have a beautiful and delightful bust, you need to regularly perform a set of special exercises. Only then can you get the desired result. One month of such classes will allow your breasts to get an appetizing look and seductiveness, like those of young girls.

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