Remove Fungi And Calluses

There are several natural remedies that can be used to eliminate fungi from the feet. A clear example of them is aspirin, which is also very effective in relieving inflammation of the area, as well as to reduce spots.

Although the feet are the support of our body every day, most people downplay them until we notice that they are developing imperfections. The use of footwear, continuous friction and its contact with various types of microorganisms can affect your skin;  With the passage of time, calluses, cracks and even infections occur.

Although not all of us are exposed in the same way, the lack of care and treatments can lead to uncomfortable symptoms that, in addition to being unsightly, cause pain and inflammation.

Fortunately, it is not always necessary to invest in expensive pedicures or professional methods to keep the skin of the feet free from hardness, fungus and other alterations. In fact, if we combine inexpensive and easy-to-buy ingredients, we can make excellent remedies to soften them and keep them healthy.

In this opportunity, we want to share an interesting recipe so that you can begin to take care of your feet using only two ingredients. Take note!

Home Remedy To Fight Fungi And Calluses Of The Feet

The catalog of home remedies for the feet offers a wide variety of preparations to combat fungi, remove dead cells and avoid other annoying problems that make them look bad.

Among these,  we find a treatment of aspirin and lemon juice , known in many places for its ability to exfoliate, clean and soften even the toughest areas of the skin.

Aspirin is an analgesic and anticoagulant medication , which is usually used to relieve headaches, fever and some difficulties with circulation. Although these are its best known applications, nowadays it is also used as a component for the aesthetics and health of the skin.

This is because it serves to combat acne, blemishes and other impurities that are left adhering to the dermal surface. In addition, thanks to its composition, it is very effective in the control of fungi of the feet and nails, since it decreases its growth and controls the itching that usually cause.

Likewise, aspirin has a high concentration of beta-hydroxy acid, a fat-soluble component that is often used by cosmetic companies for the preparation of creams and exfoliating lotions.

On the other hand, it also concentrates anti-inflammatory and soothing substances that help to reduce the tension and pain of this part of the body, especially after a day full of physical activity.

To make matters worse all we discussed, this drug  serves to clarify dark spots that can form on the feet by exposure to the sun , toxins and contact with various surfaces.

How To Prepare This Home Remedy To Take Care Of The Feet?

If you notice hardness, cracks or any imperfection in the skin of your feet, do not hesitate to try this incredible treatment to improve its appearance in a short time. Its ingredients are very easy to acquire and, since they are not aggressive, they are suitable for all skin types.

In fact, its regular application decreases the proliferation of fungi and bacteria , in addition to preventing imbalances in skin pH and bad odors .


  • 5 aspirins.
  • 1 pumice stone
  • One lemon’s juice.


  • Put the aspirins in a mortar and crush them until you get a powder. If you do not have a mortar, moisten them with a little water and crush them with a fork or other heavy object.
  • Add the powder obtained in a container and then add the juice of a lemon.
  • Mix everything for a few moments , until you get a thick and homogeneous paste.
  • If you notice that it is too dry, add more lemon or a spoonful of water.

Mode Of Use

  • Rinse the feet to remove the accumulated dirt on its surface.
  • Next, spread a thin layer of the product over the areas affected by the calluses and fungi.
  • Expect to act 20 to 30 minutes and rinse with plenty of warm water.
  • Subsequently, rub the areas with a pumice stone to remove dead and hard skin .
  • Remove the dead cells with warm water and dry the feet well.
  • Repeat the procedure two or three times a week to get good results.

Ready to show off nicer feet? Incorporate this simple treatment into your beauty routine and discover all its benefits to take care of your skin. Finally, try to complement its application with a good moisturizer , as this area tends to suffer from excess dryness.

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